It is late spring, and all the fields have been plowed and sown. Work is hard to find these days even for adventurers. Not a single stolen cattle or missing merchant child, and you are all very happy that the logging business in Twin Valley in the Bronzeleaf woods is in need of a lot of workers, and pays well. Where else can you make 12 copper a day with room and board included?

It is a tough job, 16 hours a day, but it will only be until the summer ends, when it is time for the harvest season, or a good adventure finds its way to your noses. One free day every other week is also a good deal, and you spend that day resting and training, you are still adventurers first and foremost. The logging camp is run by the charismatic and kind Mr Cadderly , a bald gentleman in his mid fifties, with strong arms, a large red beard and a deep powerful voice.

Good steady pay is indeed a gift but it is no substitute for adventure.

Where there is smoke...

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