Caelynna Silverblade

An Eladrin Swordmage

Name Class Level Race Alignment Deity
Caelynna Silverblade Swordmage 1 Eladrin Unaligned Corellon
Passive Insight 15
Passive Perception 10
Attacks and Damage
Longsword +7 vs. AC
Crossbow +3 vs. AC
Skills Tr.
Acrobatics 1  
Arcana 11 x
Athletics 7 x
Bluff -1  
Diplomacy -1  
Dungeoneering 0  
Endurance 2  
Heal 0  
History 11 x
Insight 5 x
Intimidate -1  
Nature 0  
Perception 0  
Religion 9 x
Stealth 1  
Streetwise -1  
Thievery 1  
Languages Known
Common, Elven
Encumbrance Money
58 lb. / 140 lb. 19 gp
Ability Scores Defenses
STR 14 +2 AC 19
CON 15 +2 FORT 12
DEX 13 +1 REF 14
INT 18 +4 WILL 13
WIS 10 0  
CHA 8 -1
Hit Points
Max Hit Points Bloodied Value Surge Value Surges Per Day
30 15 7 7
Race Features
Trance: Meditate aware 4 hours instead of sleep
Eladrin Weapon Proficiency: Proficient with longsword
Eladrin Education: Training in any one additional skill
Eladrin Will: +1 Will; +5 to saving throws againsts charm
Fey Step: Use fey step as an encounter power
Fey Origin: Your origin is fey, not natural
Class/Path/Destiny Features
Swordbond: Bond with one blade (1 hr.); standard action to call to hand (10 squares); fix it in 1 hr.
Aegis of Shielding: Use aegis of shielding as an at-will power
Swordmage Warding: +1 AC with blade, +3 AC if off-hand is free; if unconscious, warding ends, restore with rest
Intelligent Blademaster: Use INT instead of STR on your basic attacks
At-Will Encounter Daily Utility
Aegis of Shielding Fey Step Dimensional Thunder
Lightning Lure Lightning Clash
Booming Blade -
Adventurer’s Kit, Leather Armor, Longsword, Crossbow, Crossbow bolts (20)

For as long as she can remember Caelynna Silverblade wanted nothing more than to be a student at the College of Ioun. Her parents Alador and Raina Silverblade, both wizards, knew both Caelynna and Miahdor were special very early in their life and wanted them to use them to the best of their abilities. The Silverblade home was much like a museum. Everything had its place and the house was run on a tight schedule. Her mother and father made both her and Miahdor study very hard and there was very little free time. With what free time she did have Caelynna enjoyed playing with her brother and his friends. She always enjoyed spending her time with the boys and especially her fondest memories were “fencing” with sticks with Miahdor.

As Caelynna grew up she still desired to attend the College of Ioun, but it became more about getting away from her parents rather that pleasing them. She tested her limits constantly but never got herself in too much trouble. Her parents continued to try make her fit their mold. Caelynna grew closer to her brother and loved fencing and her training with the long sword. Having a sword in her hand empowered her and helped her to relax. Caelynna was accepted to the College of Ioun to study in wizardry. Her parents had seen to it that she would study under Dean Shorinas who was known for her strictness. Her parents were well aware of her rebellious streak and hoped that Dean Shorinas would be able to control her. Caelynna did not let it bother her as she was just excited to be away from the critical eyes of her parents. While she cared for them and respected them greatly she wanted to be her own person and she was never allowed that privilege.

While studying under Dean Shorinas Caelynna would often get herself in trouble. At one point Dean Shorinas called a meeting with Caelynna and her parents to tell them that she was putting her future at the College on the line. Caelynna knew her education was important and remember the her love of the sword when she was younger. She turned back to training with her long sword seeing it as an escape and an outlet for her frustrations. Her brother often teased her that her connection with the sword was childish. One day Caelynna was off practicing with her long sword when she met, she was discovered by a gnome. After watching for some time, he startled her by commenting on her skill with the longsword. She explained that she only practiced it so much because allowed her to get out her frustrations and how her brother found it ridiculous for a student of Wizardry to be spending so much time practicing her sword skills. As the conversation went on she learned that gnome was Headmaster Maeon Talvir and a swordmage. As he explained it she was immediately drawn to the idea and she was taken on as Maeon’s pupil. While she was enjoying her studies she knew that combining her skills in casting with her love of the sword was exactly what she was looking for and she began to tailor her training to combine the two.

Caelynna immediately began learning how to blend the art of the sword with the magical spell casting she already knew. It was a very natural fit. She seemed to grow up more losing some of her rebelliousness. She continued to be very strong and opinionated, but began to learn what fights were worth fighting. Miahdor fretted about her constantly and always worried for her safety and well being. He knew their parents would not necessarily approve of this change, but he also realized how much she was excelling at him and for that he was happy for her. Caelynna would often poke fun at her brother telling him that she was not afraid to soak up the blows in battle while he stood back and cast his Magic Missiles.

As Caelynna continued her studies she continued excel and she longed for adventure. Caelynna was very excited when Maeon Talvir came to her and asked her to be one of the students that went to work for the Cadderly Company. While there was physical labor involved, which some balked at, Caelynna was sure she would enjoy being out in the world and she hoped more than anything else that adventure would find her.

Caelynna Silverblade

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