Where there is smoke...

Rake's Journal Entry #2

Everyone was waiting for us at logging basecamp. Many were wounded. Most were not warriors. I was lucky to have companions I had. They fight well, all of them.

I feel bad for Mrs. Cadderly. Tried so hard to save Mr. Cadderly, but in the end we failed. Her and him. Blood is on our hands as much as goblins. I will make them pay.

We helped lead survivors to Jarinsfall. Some were taken by goblins…not good. I was nervous. Walk slumped over to hide size. Wear cloak hood up. Trying to blend in if possible. Goblins least of my worries. We met guards from outpost. No one I recognized. This is good, but I hear them call us dirty monsters as they walk with us. I fought urge to hurt them very much.

We get to Jarinsfall. Are led to small chamber where a meeting is taking place. Zammern is now Mayor! New guard captain looks like good man. Better than Zammern but that doesn’t say much. Zammern hates us, ignores us, tells us to be quiet. I’ve kill more greenskins than’s he ever seen! I’ve fought for my life, claws, teeth, axes bared! What does he do? He hides behind walls! Sends men to die! But now he claims he has a plan to kill greenskins.

We’re taken to guard captain’s house where we’re watched. Captain comes back, tells us Zammern is going to lead soldiers himself to kill goblins, save captives, and take glory! I hope he dies in the woods. Captain says he can get us out of town in the morning to go into the woods and get ahead of Zammern. To kill greenskins. I like this idea. No one gets hurt except greenskins, and no one can find reason to arrest us, or me, as long as I don’t make trouble.

Plan is made to sneak out of town in the night. I don’t agree. This will only get us in trouble if we are caught, and if anyone recognizes who I am, I will never leave Jarinsfall. But we find Mrs. Cadderly and she gets us out of town. We go far before resting, and are well ahead of Zammern by morning.

We get back to goblin camp, kill many greenskins, and save captives. Send them to safety before entering mine at back of camp. Kill more goblins. Find dwarf and strange door. Mechanical man, Jon, says he can learn more about door before it is opened, but it will take time. Since then, I write Zammern a nice note, and this entry.



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