Where there is smoke...

Rake's Journal Entry #1

Work began like usual. Hauling lumber from wagon to the fire. Not hard work, but not fun work. Cadderly is good man to give such work, but I am growing bored quickly. Axes just hang from my belt, unused. They miss fighting. They would not have to wait much longer.

While waiting for next wagon, goblins came out of forest with shouts and screams. Axes were thirsty. The other camp members, the wood and metal man named Jon, the dragonman Sarjhan, the two Eladrin Miahdor and Caelynna, and the others joined me in fight. Even though I wanted so much to kill all the goblins myself, I was glad to have the others. There were many goblins, and I am just one man.

The goblins died quickly. The other camp members are good in a fight. Most survived, and many have good talents that make them useful in a fight. They are strong. The dragonman has a good head. Might be good leader, reminds me of Borfryst. The wood and metal man was smart too. Did much to keep me and the Eladrin girl on our feet during fighting. Eladrin man used magic. I don’t trust magic, but he seems to be good with it. Killed many goblins.

After fighting was over, I could hear more fighting coming from the main logging camp to the north. I ran. There could have been more goblins to kill. Sadly, they were all dead when I arrived. Some of my camp-mates came with me to kill. I like that. We were all very disappointed when we found all goblins dead, but happy to see loggers alive.

Found out, Cadderly was taken by goblins, and many were hurt. We brought fire camp together with logging camp. Cadderly’s wife took them to Jarinsfall. We didn’t go there, luckily. Eladrin man surprised me by looking for tracks. Didn’t think he could do that. But he and I searched together, and found trail where Cadderly was dragged away. Me, dragon man, wood and metal man, and Eladrins went after goblins. And Cadderly.

We chased goblins for a long time. They set an ambush for pursuers, and attacked. I was hit with many arrows and spears because I was scouting ahead, but they were goblins, and no one was going to fight them first but me. I was hit many times, and everything went black. Next thing, I opened my eyes, and Eladrin man, Miahdor is name, had bandaged me while allies killed goblins. Angry that stupid goblins had hurt me so much, I stood up, and ran as fast as I can, and attacked one of remaining goblins with all my strength. I saw my axes cut deep, and I saw fear in his vile, evil little eyes. I was happy. But I was happier when I leaned in, and using his own dirty tongue told him “the only mistake you made was letting me live.” He knew fear in that moment, and I knew joy.

All the goblins died then and we moved on. Found out the goblins got in wagon. Where do goblins get wagon? Followed wagon tracks into mountains and up mountain side. Made camp.

Next day I snuck ahead and saw the goblin camp. Hut in middle next to wagon guarded by two goblins, lots of trees, two big tents with many goblins making much noise. Revelry. Distasteful in goblins. They should only feel misery. Also, camp had mine entrance.

Group decided to sneak into trees nearest hut. Miahdor and his sister said they could “step” into the hut where we though Cadderly was. They would let us know if they need help. Otherwise, they break out while we break in and run away with Cadderly.

They needed help.

I ran to door, and attacked two guards. Hit one, missed other. Dragonman ran up, hit other one, and wood and metal man attacked one with his crossbow. Once guards were dead, I kill goblin inside watching door, and slip in. Goblin chief yells for everyone to stop or he will kill Cadderly who is tied to chair in hut. Bad.

Dragonman Sarjhan runs in, and blows his lightning breath at goblins. Very good idea but he misses. Gobling kills Cadderly. Very bad. Cadderly was innocent. He is not a goblin, he is not a Shifter. He is not a fighter. He is just a man. I am enraged, ashamed, and vengeful. Chief will pay.

After killing wolves in hut, and other goblins, chief tries to run away, but Jon the wood and metal man ran behind hut to stop him. It was unnecessary. I cut the chief down from behind before he can cut an an escape hole. I separated his head from his shoulders. I know joy.

As rest of group tries to open up goblin chief’s trunk, I carry Cadderly’s body out to wagon and wait for rest of group. We ride quickly back down mountain to camp. I don’t want to go to Jarinsfall, but loggers left behind to wait for us will likely want to go there. Zammern is not a goblin, but he is not an innocent. If I have to , I will finish what I started.



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