Where there is smoke...

Conclusion of Part II

Treasure attained: 700sp, 60gp

Amulet of Protection +1

Sgt. Sacgrat’s Diary, 4 bottles of Goblin Wine, 12 bottles of Ale, Cadderly’s Payroll box (812gp)

XP Gained (per person): 385


After the company’s bold night time escape from Jarinsfall, thanks in no little part to the bold actions of Lilnas Cadderly, and their stealthy maneuvering ahead of Harol Zammern’s war band; the band made a second assault on the Goblin encampment on the east side of the Venomtail River. The group discovered that the remaining goblins were thrown into disarray after the Chieftain’s death. The goblin Sergeant, Sacgrat, kept a log of the numbers of goblins that abandoned the mine. Mostly fleeing in groups of two or three, the last deserters were making a raid on the bridge in hopes to get back to the other side of the River.

Unbeknownst to the deserters but well known to the group, the Jarinsfall hunting band was slowly making their way northward to the mine. If the stories of the mysterious Commander Dargaan are to be believed, the xenophobic town leader poses not only a threat to any goblins he runs into but perhaps also to the humanoid adventurers as well.

To make things even worse, the dwarf captive, Dhorm, tells the group a story of another budding mystery. The goblins seem to have stumbled upon an ancient burial site within the mountain. The sergeant brought the dwarf into the mine in the faint hope he could open the door. Dhorm was unable to but has told the group that the mountainside the goblins were tunneling through seemed to be loose stone that had collapsed to fill open chambers, which would explain the carved door that stands within the heart of the mountain.

With Harol and his men quickly closing in behind you, the lure of a mystery spurs Jon Newman to begin an arcane ritual under the glow of a sunrod. Hoping to decipher the ancient and forgotten Draconic dialect carved upon the stone portal…



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