Where there is smoke...

Conclusion of 1st meeting

Treasure attained:

200sp 100gp Gem 100gp Brooch 180gp

Bracers of Respite +2 (Rake claimed) 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds

Orgzoch’s diary

XP Gained (per person): 360


The group’s luck did serve them well that the larger goblin force did not hear their attack while in the mountain hideout. Sadly, Jameson Cadderly’s unfortunate death the group has forced the group to return back to the main camp for the Twin Valley Company.

When the five of you make it back to the camp, you find a half a dozen survivors of the goblin attacks. These few are from different crews but most raced off into the woods and made their way back here. One of them, a burly logger with a nasty leg wound named Marcus tells you he was left behind by Lilnas Cadderly for your return and possibly any others that make there way back to the camp.

Marcus tells you of the attacks on the other crews, the stories are all similar to yours. An unprovoked ambush in the forest with some workers being taken as prisoner. He also tells you that Mrs. Cadderly left a day ago (about the same time you raided the goblin camp). and that she will what for you in Jarinsfall.


And believe me, Rake is just THRILLED with the prospect of visiting Jarinsfall again. =/

Conclusion of 1st meeting

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